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I need a panasonic FZ-1 model 3DO that powers on but non-working

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I was working on some electrical issues a few weeks ago, and I had removed some breakers, 30 Amp and 20 Amp to replace, and initially installed them backwards (that is in each other's place, not literally backwards!), and stupid me, left a bunch of electronics plugged in while doing it. so, long story short, I burned out a bunch of power packs; My router's, my xbox 360's, my Jag and Jag CD and my Panasonic FZ-1. I replaced all power packs, some I had extras, luckily, like my 360 and Jaguar, but my 3DO has an internal transformer that blew. Luckily the 3DO has a fuse on the motherboard that stopped further damage, but I need to replace it's transformer. I found replacements on-line through an electronic vendor, by the part number, but they want $75 just for the transformer, plus shipping, and I can only hope it's wired the same way as the same model in the 3DO, I can't tell from the poor pictures on-line. So, I thought I would ask around if anyone had an old FZ-1 model 3DO (that's the model with the sliding tray, not the FZ-10 model with the flip-top door) that still powers on, but maybe is broken elsewhere that I could buy or trade for cheap or whatever. I did see a couple on ebay, but the sellers want over $50 for a broken system! And that's not including the cost of shipping, about $20-25! So I'd be no better off.


If you can help me out, let me know. buy, trade (if I have something you can use), whatever. Oh, and if you can handle a screw driver, and opening up that broken FZ-1, I wouldn't even need the whole bulky system, just the transformer inside, it's easily unplug-able once the system is open!




PS- I'll start a real wish list soon in hopes of some good trades with you fine people, but right now I just wish for my beloved 3DO to be working again. And I hate wasting vintage systems, I'll repair instead of replace any day of the week if I can.

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