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Atari Cup Tournament - How To Play


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Atari Cup Tournament - Organized teams play against each other to win the ultimate prize - The Atari Cup!  Think of this like professional sports teams, or your local kickball team with your friends.


Teams will play in Spring and Fall Seasons. Games will be announced every other week, during Seasons. In the beginning there will be three teams consisting of 3 players each, organized by region. Three more expansion teams will be added as more new players sign up. After the expansion teams launch we will expand teams to 4 players. Though there's not a real trophy, players on the winning team will receive a special overlay on their Avatars through the next season!


Teams will compete against each other for a different game every other week. (Washington Warlords vs. Houston Asteroids, playing for the high score in Missile Command on Atari 2600 that week) Multiple teams playing multiple games against each other. There will be a Fall season and a Spring season. Top teams go to the playoffs, and ultimately only ONE team will win the championship and the coveted Atari Cup!


Different High Score Challenges will be posed every other week during the season. An example of an Atari Cup Challenge would be to play the same game on several different systems and add up the score. Let's say, one challenge may be to play Donkey Kong on 2600, NES, and 7800. Every player on the team will play all three games, then all of the scores are added up for a team total! Challenges will differ game by game.








Seattle Super Marios - You know, instead of Seattle Super Sonics. Our Pacific Northwestern Team.


Washington Warlords - Our Eastern Team


Houston Asteroids - Our Central Team










  • Sign up to play! You can register to play on a team here.
  • We'll put you on a team based on your location.
  • Gather with your teammates and discuss strategy in your team's private "Clubhouse" - a password protected forum that only members of your team will be able to enter and see.
  • New games are played every other week, during Spring and Fall Seasons!
  • Players have the full two weeks to play for their score.
  • Players scores are added together for a total team score.
  • Bonus challenges may be presented at each game.








The Credibility Of Your Score: Posting a YouTube video of your game goes a long way to substantiating credibility. A photo of your score is all that's required, but we strongly encourage recording your gameplay if you can. Especially if you have ridiculous skills and can claim to have rolled the game eight times. We want our contests to be open to everyone, but it's important to be open and honest about scoring. Using your cellphone to post a video on YouTube is often enough.







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