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Atari Charles

New and Upcoming Atari 7800 Homebrews on Cart

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Recently Released 2015:

E.T. Book for the Atari 7800

Inspired by the E.T. Book Cart for the Atari 2600, designed for the Atari 7800, the E.T. Book 7800 takes you on a fantastic interstellar journey beneath the deepest E.T. Pits and into Interstellar Space. Be enlightened by the deep Wisdom of E.T.. Read both the 1st and 2nd Interview of Howard Scott Warshaw when he was a disbeliever in the Atari Landfill. Educate yourself with the Ode to H.S.W.. Learn the Secrets of E.T.. Feel the sadness of E.T.'s tragic Epilogue. Read modern comments by various people involved with this 7800 release. Discover the little known E.T. Pantheon and the God and Goddesses that inhabit it. And don't forget to take the Quiz to test your knowledge. Expand your mind to epic proportions and read the E.T. Book 7800 today.




Soon to be released early 2016:


The Journey of Snail for the Atari 7800



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