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New and Upcoming Atari 2600 Homebrews on Cart

Atari Charles

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Goblin Chaser
Monster Ball
The Shaman




The 2nd Dimension
A.I. Project
Clyde's Revenge
E.T.: Return to Earth
Sunset Drive
The Realm of No!



Custom Image Cart
-where you email the digital picture. Then it is Atari-ized and will be displayable on a real Atari 2600 with use of your Custom Image Cart. Yes, this technology does indeed work. See the PDF of the news article below where this technology was used.

1MB Game
-Yes, utilizing the Hozer Board and a 1MB Eprom. This is a work in progress. And yes it is possible as both the hardware and software have been successfully tested. See the HozerBankSwitch document below.




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I am interested in the image carts. Can they also play a song?

These are strictly image carts at this point as the memory is taken up by the picture data. But have a song playing in the background is a cool idea but would take more memory and simply hasn't been developed.


Michael at Good Deal Games would be one to contact:



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