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Well, you might have to sign up but DLH is giving away a few games.




They do have pop-ups but once you sign in, look in the top-right corner next to your sign-in name and you should see a link that says "Profile/Keys".  Click on that, scroll down, and you should see games with buttons that say something like "Get Your Key".  If it says it is out don't give up...keep refreshing and try again.  Something about their site does that and you have to literally keep hammering away until it gives in.  The keys will require Steam for activation.  Enjoy!!

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FIFA 16 Demo

Dragon Age™: Inquisition - Trial

The Sims™ 4 Create A Sim Demo

SimCity™ (Free Trial)

Mass Effect™ 3 Demo

FIFA 15 Demo

FIFA 14 Demo

FIFA Soccer 13 Demo

FIFA Manager 13 Demo


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This game is by no means new, and it does have micro-transactions.   That being said, you can enjoy a pretty balanced system for something that's free 2 play.   There ARE premium tanks, but they aren't the best tanks in the game.  They are just, well...easy to get and pretty good. 

Anyway, I love World War II games.  I like them from the grand strategy board game or PC game, down to the first person shooter or RPG.   If you've ever wanted to jump in countless different WWII vehicles (many of them prototypes) and beat up other people who love doing the same...this game is a blast.

It is PvP, but it is 15v15 pvp, so you do have a team and sometimes they even work together!  

I suck at it, but would be honored to be in a platoon (a group that does battles together) with anyone from Atari.IO anytime!

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Lots of MOBAs and a some demos in that list, but I can comment on a few of those:

First off, Path of Exile is easily the best free title in that lot.   Amazing Diablo-like game, the free to play model is so fair that I literally couldn't figure out what to buy just to pass a few bucks to the game.   Amazing game, lots of fun.

Warframe is really neat too.  Co-op type FPS game with unique suits to buy and unlock.   For free you get enough to have fun with, and you don't have to spend a lot to buy another suit to try out.  Each suit has its own weapons and abilities.  The graphics are awesome and unique too.

Star Wars the Old Republic is an MMO that has a questionable free to play model.   Very penalizing towards free players.   That said, you could just play though the story pretty much single player and enjoy the game.   The writing is top notch, and there are plenty of nods to Knights of the Old Republic.

Neverwinter is an Dungeons and Dragons MMO, so I can't really tell you why I didn't like it, but I didn't.   

War Thunder is very similar to World of Tanks that I mentioned earlier.   It does flying better than World of Warplanes, but the tank aspect is lacking in my opinion.  I prefer world of tanks.

Marvel Heroes is an excellent MMO.  I spent very little and had a great time.  I think I paid to unlock the Punisher as a character and that was bout it.   Lots of fun, cool story, not too terribly deep.

Alien Swarm is fun if you have a group of 4 players to play together.   It's rather short as far as the campaign goes, but its totally free. 

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