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Star Castle Code Released!

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For those (like me) who weren't quick enough to pick up a copy of Star Castle thru Kickstarter, D Scott Williamson has released a zip of the files that came included on the CD in the box, including ROMs, source code, etc.


Link: http://starcastle2600.blogspot.com/p/star-castle-2600-story.html (scroll down to "The Result" section)


Just to clarify - this is not related to the Star Castle Arcade recently released in the AA store. Both games were worked on independently, and sadly the Kickstarter campaign ended in May 2012. Star Castle 2600 was developed by an original Atari programmer, using 8k bankswitching and no illegal ops, just like they would have used back in the day. He did however, manage to produce a run of cool transparent carts with flashing LEDs. Totally cool but there's no way to emulate the LEDs on a Harmony cart or in Stella. Star Castle Arcade is available now in the AA store.



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