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The Outer Limits Makeup & Special Effects


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I've always been a Twilight Zone fan, but just recently started watching some of the original Outer Limits series, and boy was I impressed with the makeup and special effects. Apparently they were quite groundbreaking and some of them ended up being used on Star Trek.


Check out some of them:



Is that a Scooby Doo Villain?



When you constantly watch a microwave....



The technique for the ears created Spock's ears years latter


And the best for last....the glasses!!!


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The Galaxy Being (topmost) has one of the most unique and unnerving alien designs ever televised.

Apparently, this was too much for audiences and they had to cut some of it short.


I could actually believe I was staring at an alien being if this ever walked up on me.

It could easily find me by the trail of pee left behind in my hurried escape.


Very effective makeup work throughout that show.

It seems more effective, contextually, looking at it today with 60s' eyes and mindset, than today's common over-the-top approach.


Sublety hits the sweet spot when going for out-of-worldliness effects.

These early sfx were leagues ahead of their time.


Those Zanti Misfits freaked me out, as stills in Famous Monsters magazine.

Classic stuff

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