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MST3K Homage Writing

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What am I doing?

Most of us are MST3K (click here if you don't know what MST3K is)fans here at Atari.io. With me redoing my Youtube channel, I wanted to make a homage to my favorite show on Earth by doing a MST3K homage series. It will be a part of my show "The Video Game Nerdy Kid" as a series of videos that will be released 1 by 1.  I want YOUR help. I'm funny, but not that funny. Plus, riffs are better with friends. I will use your riffs to make mine that my friends and I will preform on camera*.



This google doc will have the riffs in it. You put them in when you think of them while watching the movie at hand, put the riff and the time stamp.  I will choose the riffs accordingly when finalizing the script. I will credit whoever puts in riffs (just put in the thread that you contributed).



Experiment One

THE DAY OF THE KILLER TORNADOES (Public Domain Government Film)



Deadline: Wednesday December 16th 2015




1. Keep it PG

2. Have fun!



*Disclaimer: The riffs by you is subject to be edited or completely excluded from the final product. I am experimenting with doing "community jokes" to get ideas for my own. As if this works out fine, then I may do this for my normal VGNK series. 

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