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The Ending of Fatal Run

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That is cool, but now you ruined it for me! Why did I have to play that movie? I was just playing Fatal Run on my DC 7800 emulator tonight. I made it to about the 6-7 city and wrote down the password to continue tomorrow. I will see that ending. Actually, I also played some Xevious, Xenophobe, Commando and Motor Psycho tonight too. But they all don't play as well as on the real hardware. I hope I can get a real 7800 and these games again soon. But like most vintage consoles, they are too expensive for me right now...so I have to live with emulation.

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Dang dude, you made it through all 32 levels? That is impressive.


More like I put in the password for the final 4 levels and made it through those  :D


There are some who say that doing it that way makes it too difficult since you won't have any upgrades, but I was able to pull it off twice, so it's not that hard. All the levels look/feel mostly the same after a while and I wasn't in the mood to go through all 32.

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I definitely know that momentum feeling...I just can't play Tempest 2000 unless I start from the beginning, if I try to start at a higher saved level, the onslaught is too much for me because I'm not yet "in the zone." 


With Fatal Run, I thought the passwords were to simplistic and since they were actual "words" that I might lose my upgrades, now I know for sure. At leas I'll only lose a 6-cylinder engine, protective glass and radial tires...not too bad. I will have to try and finish or die tonight, since I'm close to a third of the way through, maybe it's not too far to start out fresh, yet far enough along to actually finish. 

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