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What a great idea for a shooter! (Green Army Men goodness)

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Have none of you ever seen or played the many Army Men games released by 3DO Company? It's their main developments after the demise of 3DO consoles. I think just about every console from PS1 to Dreamcast had them and possibly Game Cube as mentioned?. The Dreamcast also has Toy Commander, a fantastic game. Not to downplay this game in any way, but it's not like it's a new concept. This game looks pretty much just like Army Men and Toy Commander, just updated for the latest hardware. If you own any of these systems, I highly recommend these games. This is evolutionary, not revolutionary. Below are just a few examples of an entire Army men franchise of sequels and variants. And there were levels in some, if not all the Army Men games were they were battling in a home environment like Mean Greens.


PS1 Army men:


N64 : 



Dreamcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTZB9hBJKuE


Dreamcast Toy Commander:

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I have Revolt on my DC. I loved the game. I've never been a PC gamer, unless you consider 8/16-bit Atari and Commodore's PC's. After the 16-bit era of computers I'm only a console gamer (except for my vintage computers), I only use my PC for surfing, e-mail and as a file server for my 8/16-bit computers. Those PC graphics do look pretty sweet though. It's been a while since I played Revolt on my DC, so I forget how it compares. I'll have to fire it up again to remember.

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