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Holiday Shopping Memories: Kay-Bee Toys, Toys R Us, Shopping Malls & More

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I look on shopping 20 years ago a lot more fondly than I do now. I don't know how or why, but the crass commercialization of two decades past seemed a lot less crassly commercial than it does now. Ironic, I know.


At only 24, I find myself already growing cynical of the commercial aspect. Where once there was a joy and wonder, I now look around and see Barbie houses that are a whopping 4 feet tall, and cost an obscene $119.00, and I just think to myself, "Good Lord, that is far TOO EXPENSIVE. What a waste of good money."

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I loved going to the toy stores of the 70's and 80's. I felt toy stores of that era were custom-made for kids. They were OUR store. OUR domain. And I even remember making rudimentary maps for each major store.


Oft times going to those places was the "reward" for having had to tag along with mom at the cosmetic shop, the bedding store, the appliance warehouse, and god remembers where else!

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