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Sega Game Gear game suggestions


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It gets a ad rap sometimes, but I remember liking the Ax Battler game.

Super Columns & Dr Robotniks Mean Bean Machine have fun vs computer modes.

Sonic Drift is a decent racer.


As far as the TV Tuner goes, pretty useless now a days since the transition to HD signals, but I heard you might get a random local channel here and there such as a small religious station or something like that.

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My best suggestion is to get a Master Gear Converter for your Game Gear. This lets you play Sega Master System games on the Game Gear and opens up almost the entire Master System library for the Game Gear except for 3-D, Light Gun, and Sega Card games which are just a few. If you're already collecting for Master System and you play the games this is pretty neat to have.




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Yeah they're great to have, especially if you really like Sega Master System. The Game Gear is based on the Master System except the screen size is a bit smaller but it's essentially the same system when you get down to it. The adapter just lets it access the larger Master System games. It's worth every penny! I'm glad that post was helpful.


  :sega_master_system:  :)

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