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STAR WARS: The Force Awakens ***SPOILER ALERT*** Discussion Thread For Those Who Have Seen It

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So I finally saw it since I had family in town.

Went with my dad. First movie I saw in a theater in 3 years.


Overall thumbs up, although a part of me expected a little more (perhaps because of all the hype). Better than all three prequels. I'd have to watch ROTJ again to see if it beats it. 



1-30) Lots of fan service:

Old Vehicles...check

Old Characters...check

One Fat X-Wing Pilot...check

31) Special effects were great

32) Action kept moving. Did not feel like a 2 hour plus movie

33) Has a lot to yet answer leaving me excited about the next movie



1) Hans death seemed too predictable & too easy

2) Destroying the Starkiller seemed almost anticlimactic, especially when compared to the Death Star Runs.

3) Some of the main enemies seemed too weak. (The trained Kylo was easily taken over by the newly awakened Rey, should've dominated Finn in the duel. Capatin Phasma seemed to go along too easily when they captured her)

4) Sometime they copied the original Star Wars soo much, it almost seemed more like a remake at times



1) Rey is Luke's kid (who's the mom?)

2) # 1 is a misdirection. Rey is really Han and Leia's kid, making her Kylo's brother (she was hidden & separated to protect her from him, perhaps under the instructions from Luke)

3) Kylo copies Vadar turning good at the last second, destroying Snoke in the final duel

4) Snoke is regular sized

5) Snoke is related to Palpatine, perhaps even him is disguise or reincarnated in some fashion, perhaps a clone.

6) Finn is Lando Calrissian's son


Fun, not likely, Prediction:

7) Leia, after separating with Han, had a relationship with Lando. Finn is their child and also Rey's half brother.

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