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I feel that the Coleco company is genuine, though, if they didn't care about their products or customers, they wouldn't have done that. Yes, they could have done better, but at least they care about their brand name unlike ANOTHER company I know *COUGH*ATARI*COUGH*

Well, in Atari's defense it wasn't Atari who put their name on something without bothering to google "Mike Kennedy" or "RetroVGS"...

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Coleco Chameleon Boss Confirms Console “Officially Tabled For Good”



:rofl: Well thank goodness he cleared that up, you know confirming what most have known for weeks now. LIKE HE HAD A CHOICE. So many holes in MIKE'S claims which is obvious to anyone who has been following this fiasco from the start, since his post though others on AA continue to shed the light and truth, not sure why he continues to think he can fool people, it is getting real pathetic at this point ! People really need to stop listening to this guy and giving him the benefit of a doubt, if anything sounds like he is attempting to appease people once more before he introduces his next great project. 




Post on Atariage (his original post to read for yourself, of course most of his claims are already being kicked into the dirt where they belong) 




Mike just STAHP 



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I'm just glad the Jaguar molds are shifting hands to Albert completely so there will be no bastardization of one of my favorite consoles and we'll most likely definitely see a steady stream of replacement cart shells available for homebrews.


I really think the molds need to be destroyed.  Its the dental molds based off the the Atari molds.  If you get a clear Jag shell you need to mod it in order to make it fit the board, plus the back plate is missing.  Do you want to know why there has never been a clear Atari Jaguar controller offered?  Because these molds are from when the dental company took over and modified the molds for the white dental camera.  They never had the controller mold.  Nothing good has come from these molds.  They must be destroyed - back to Mount Doom indeed.

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