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What Are Your Favorite Christmas Movies?


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Ok, I already asked about TV specials last time, so with a week to go what are your favorite Christmas movies?

Also, are there any movies that you watch this time each year, even if they aren't Christmas related?


Some of my favs include:


It's a Wonderful Life (I watch bits and pieces of it almost every year)

A Christmas Story (If I had TBS, I would see it almost every year)


The Muppet Christmas Carol 

Home Alone


Toaster Time!

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I'll watch any version of "A Christmas Carol".  The joyful turnaround at the end (spoiler alert!) is always worth watching in my opinion.  For example, last night I was flipping through the channels and the Patrick Stewart version was on.  Yes, I stayed until the end.


Your list is good, but I'd add:

Christmas Vacation


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My favorite list includes:
1.  Miracle on 34th St.  (original b/w)
2. White Christmas (anything Bing, baby)
3.  Christmas Story

4.  The Nativity Story (2006) one of the best produced movies about the pure nativity story.
5.  Gremlins (that's my odd pick every year...I think it beats Home Alone for best non-Christmas, Christmas movie)


Strange fact:
I can't get into It's  Wonderful Life.   That's my brother's favorite, and it just doesn't put me in a Christmas mood at all.  To each his/her own. :)

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