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ARCs - Atari Club Money "Atari Redemption Certificates"


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How many arcs did it take to buy a new game? Games like Gravitar and Rubik's Cube came out that way.


These were the only 2 ARC redemption offers ever done....... pretty much $5 off a game...........



ARC's offer from the Atari Age Magazine Vol. 2 Issue 4 Nov 1983- Feb 1984



ARC's offer from the Atari Age Magazine Vol. 2 Issue 5 March-April 1984

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How exactly did the ARCs work? I've been collecting MIB Atari games for years and though I've collected lots of catalogs and flyers and posters, I've never once seen a game come with one of those certificates inside. Did you have to cut out proof of purchase from the box to get those?

There were different ways to get them:

- place an order thru the Atari Age Magazine (over $35) = $5 ARC free

- $3 ARCs printed on page 29 of Atari Age Magazine Vol.2 Issue 4

- renewing your Atari Membership

- winning a contest thru Atari Age Magzine

- becoming a "Honorable Mention" contributor to "Your Turn"


None were ever available inside boxes.

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Funny! I never heard of the Atari Redemption Certificate before. Where was I at? Perhaps it was because I never had an Atari membership.

at the time - I didn't even own an Atari! My friend that lived across the street from me had both the VCS and Intellivision and I had the Vectrex. It was only $1 to subscribe to the Atari Age Magazine and thats how I got my ARC's. Though I never got a chance to use them!

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