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Dinky Do Review…


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Hi, folks,


This is the commentary for an 8-bit puzzle game called Dinky Do (my high score is in the Scoreboard section of the forum). You play a penguin-like bird that has to collect treasure and avoid obstacles in nine caverns (there would have been more levels, but the game was never finished). If you run out of air at any time in any one level, you die. You can also fall or get hit by boulders and falling stalactites. Here are some pictures of what the game looks like in order of how the levels play, starting at level one:




















My documented high score is 2,010 on this game. It really is a great game by programmer Steven Macilwee. Thanks. :)

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That is a well made review...and a great way to spark interest into a game that has not been played by others before.  Thank you for sharing you thoughts on this game!



Here's the ROM for Dinky Do. The Professor posted it in the high score topic for this game.



attachicon.gifDinky-Do (19xx)(Steven Macilwee).atr


Oooo....now I can put this on disk and play it on real hardware!   Thank you for sharing ;)

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