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Atari video Music for sale Excellent condition Ebay

james patrick

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Bay or contact me at  awesomebestthings  at gmail dot com





System and wires are in amazing condition. I got it two years ago in California and have barely used it since. Comes in original box with Manual and original warranty. Will ship it all within another box and padding around it to preserve the original box.

I am also including the components to connect this vintage system to RCA in's on a newer screen. 
The manual is not in perfect condition as front and back pages have become separated from middle pages. It is slightly tattered on edges but still in amazing condition considering the age and rarity of item. Could be repaired easily. 
Atari Video Music is an awesome rare item. It was used in music video's by DEVO and Daft Punk. 
Follow the links below with more information. 
Here is a great video of it explained by a cool guy.
here it is at video game museum:
The Atari Video Music (Model C240) is the earliest commercial electronic music visualizer released. It was manufactured by Atari, Inc., and released in 1976. The system creates an animated visual display that responds to musical input from a Hi-Fistereo system for the visual entertainment of consumers.







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