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Check Out This 1982 News Clip Featuring the Fascination Arcade In Manhattan!

The Professor

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Here's a glimpse into the world of 1982, when arcades were thriving and Pac-Man Fever was all the rage. This short news segment reports from the Fascination Arcade in Manhattan, and features author Ken Ulston with his best-selling Mastering Pac-Man. This news segment is a real gem for those who love the golden era of video game arcades.


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Pac men eat ghosts, not other pac men.



Not surprised that Uston's book sold 750,000 in 10 days.

You wanted to be the first to impress the arcade buddies with your new mad pac skills.

I should know.

Still have that book.


But we didn't have rows of Pac Man cabinets in our part of the kingdom.

And even at the heights of Pac Pop Culture craze, the game itself was never overrun by fans, given the dozen different titles filling the local arcades.


I mean, it was fun enough for quarters to drop consistently, but in those days just being in an arcade and playing anything was good enough for us.

No game was left unplayed for long (in the early 80s) as we'd try out all of em, and only after a while would settle on favorites.


It was a great time of discovery of the raster medium, the joy of interactive electronic gameplay, of relishing the gee-whizzery of it all.

Not too often mentioned was the sonic gratification of just walking into an arcade.

All the attract modes doing their best to lure into their mental chambers.


Pac-Man won top honors in that respect, with its unique and persistently-satisfying wackas.

And dat music! And the brief cartoon interludes.

The fun of first seeing those was immense.


Yeah, this one would win king of the arcades, in my book.

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