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Is the Atari 2600 one of the most expensive consoles made?

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If you take in all the factors, (price of games, and the price of what it would cost to get one second hand today) I think the neo geo AES would be number one. The console goes for around 300 dollars, the games are crazily expensive and can range from 50 dollars to all the way into the thousands. Its expensive back then, and its even more expensive today.

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re: Atari 2600 then and now

"Shut Up and Take My Money!!!"


but yeah, it was a priviledge to have one, and the new popular cart costs were embarrasingly expensive to whine about not having (though I usually ended up having most of the the ones I wanted).


Asteroids itself cost (new) about a third of the initial console price.

I remember Superman being pricey, also.

and it was Super-Fun!

Who knew rebuilding bridges could be so thrilling.

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Hmm...interesting.  Makes me wonder if the Memorex VIS I have would be right up there with the Philips CD-i?  Nope...$499 in 1992 after inflation makes it at $844 in 2015.  Close though ;)  LOL  Actually...I'm surprised at the inflation price because, while I do have one, it really isn't worth much.  It has one or two point-and-click games I like to play and one shoot 'em up demonstration program but that's about it.  It sits on a shelf mostly for looking at.  


The Atari consoles and computer I have get more attention than any other systems I have.  My wife has often asked me why have the others if all I ever play is Atari?  It's hard to believe that my 5200, if they were still in production, would cost around $664!  That's pricey!!  Just imagine the costs of replacement controllers or the Trak-Ball.  Nevermind...I don't want nightmares.

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People forget how expensive 3DO was when it first came out. It was like $800. Why spend that much when you could get a Jaguar for $249? Adjusted for inflation that's crazy expensive. 

Well obviously because of the extensive quality library on the 3DO.


I can't really even type that with a straight face.

"For you - Rowsdower from the 70 - have been appointed Omnivisioner of the Game Grid."  ~ Atari Adventure Square

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