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Lemmings on Amiga


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Lemmings was a favorite game of mine when we had Amiga. I don't know if it's the same as it was on Amiga CD32, but I loved it on the Amiga computer. I've seen Lemmings for Atari Lynx too, it was a really nice version released by Polygon and was one of the last games for Lynx. The Lynx version goes for a lot of money now. I know the Lynx is based on the Amiga, I'm not sure how close it is to the Amiga version, but Lemmings on Amiga is as good as life gets. Here are some long plays:





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Yep Lemmings got a lot of play from me on my AMIGA back in the day and I had a coverdisk (I think from AMIGA FORMAT MAGAZINE) featuring several Christmas themed Lemmings levels! Lot's of snow and they wore bouncy santa caps! Such fun, I probably blew them all up more often than saving them lol.

UPDATE ah yes here is some gameplay




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