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Squad Challenge - Pinball (NES)

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My score was 226,240. I would have loved to have spent more time playing this game, I didn't get to play it nearly as much as I had wanted to. I'm happy with my score though  ^_^





  • I found that most of my strategy was already nicely articulated by No Swear Gamer (see below) and highly recommend trying out his tips. Simply put, make the most of the upper playfield, use flippers to let the ball come back up from the lower to upper play field when possible, articulate your pull at the start, bank shots in the lower playfield, and keep your eye on Pauline during the bonus stage.
  • You have a lot more control than you may think. Some of this is left to chance, for example when the ball is rapidly bouncing between the three large bumpers in the lower playfield, or the "500-1000-500" bonus lanes at the top of the upper playfield. I suggest planning on this randomness and using it to your advantage. You can control what area the ball enters and exits these areas, and increase your chances of the ball ultimately doing what you want it to do.
  • You'll also notice that like real Pinball, you can control your shot based on where the ball leaves the paddle. It's all a matter of timing. I'm glad the programmers included this.
  • Rack up as many of those Seal dances as you can  :Nolan_Bushnell: 
  • My most successful strategy was to reveal all five playing cards in the lower playfield for extra bumpers. This nicely seals up the exits and vastly improves your chances of keeping the ball in the playfield.
  • Using the Bumper strategy, the bumpers on the outer edges will disappear when hit, but reappear again soon. You can enter the Pauline bonus round multiple times, go back to the upper playfield, fall back down to the lower playfield and the bumpers will still be there. Do this multiple times to increase score. Take your time in the lower playfield. Play it calm, be patient, let your ball sit if you have to. Once the ball starts flying around out of your control it's much more likely to break through a bumper or slip under a paddle and then you've lost a life and the extra bumpers. Taking your time will increase your chances of going the distance with the bumpers.


Oh please don't let me score keep anyone from playing!  :unsure:


Like real pinball, that was just a great single ball were everything came together.  Seriously, most my games didn't came close to that, so my guess is most anyone can pull it off with a single ball that happens to do very well.


Some Hints:

  • Try to keep the ball in the upper playfield as much as possible
  • When the ball is heading from the lower to upper playfield, lift the closest flipper for a better chance for it going through
  • In the bonus stage, you will lose a ball if Pauline falls to the ground. Catch her if she falls!
  • Don't go full power when launching the ball. With the right touch, it will bounce through the 1,000 point center lane several times
  • In the lower playfield, I try to aim my hits to bank off the walls to the upper playfield. Aiming at other targets has a lot of risk.

Some Point Goals

50k points = extra ball

100k points = invisible flippers  :tongue:

150k points = flippers reappear

200k points and above = warm fuzzy feeling of a job well done

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:pole_position_blimp_big:  Congratulations nosweargamer!



WOW! REALLY GREAT SHOWING THIS TIME! We had more challengers this time than ever before. NES Pinball turned out to be our most competitive Squad Challenge yet!  Congratulations on your win, nosweargamer! This win makes you our first two-time champion. nosweargamer won with 366,370 points, and RadioPoultry came in 2nd Place with 342,340. I would encourage nosweargamer to share his winning Pinball score on the Scoreboard, it would be nice to see the Pinball competition continue.


We invite all future Squad Challenge winners to share their winning scores on the Scoreboard and keep the game going!     :atari_2600_joystick: 






Our next Squad Challenge is up! http://forums.atari.io/index.php/topic/1550-squad-challenge-secret-quest-atari-2600/

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