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Happy Mardi Gras!

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if ya'll would like to see LIVE webcam's of Mardi Gras - here's some links:


Live shot from St. Charles Ave...... starts at 10am CT w/ Rex



BTW - Krewe of Zulu rolls at 8am CT (usually starts late around 8:30am CT)

           Rex - the King of Carnival rolls at 10am CT

           followed by a couple hundred truck floats of the Krewe of Elks Orleanians & the Krewe of Crescent City (usually ends about 3-4pm CT)



Live from Bourbon St..........





LIVE news coverage from these TV stations online:  UPDATED direct links below.......










Arthur Hardy's Mardi Guide (parade schedule)




As I find more in the morning I will post them........... everywhere else... its just Tuesday!

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and of course (as tradition) the official ending of the Mardi Gras season culminates with the "Meeting of the Courts" tonight.


The Meeting of the Courts is where the King & Queen of the Mystic Krewe of Comus (oldest MG organization 1857 - doesn't parade anymore) meet the King and Queen of Carnival (Rex 1872 - oldest parading organization).  They used to have their carnival balls in the same building (Municipal Auditorium) and would lift up the curtain to join the two together for the meeting. Today (post Katrina), one Krewe is at the Marriott on Canal Street (the worlds widest street) and the other is across the street at the Hilton. Its weird to see the red carpet rolled across the street and royalty walking to the other hotel.....LOL


link to the 2016 Live feed (begins at 7:30pm CT - ends close to Midnight)......




here's the 2015 meeting:

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