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One of the aspects of life I would like to do, that I know I might not ever get to do, is visit Japan.  I have taken a liking to their animation and music.  But I have become hooked on this performer's energy and spirit.  And I love her voice!  I am sharing here in hopes that anyone who hears it will enjoy it as much as I have.  If nothing else maybe the song I am sharing will give you some fun for the day...if even for a moment.  And other videos of her show her having issues with her right earpiece yet she keeps on going like it's nothing.




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I'd go there for all the video games as it is the capital of gaming on this planet. I would go on a spending spree. And lastly the food. I am a sushi and hibachi freak! I love raw fish, seaweed, squid, rolls, and many other stuff. Japanese is my favorite food ever!


OK...I'd starve.  I've tried some of that stuff and it grossed me out.  But I agree with the video games and shopping spree!  Oh...Famicom and PC Engine here I come!!

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