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This will BLOW YOUR MIND.. even if you're not a TI-99/4A user!

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Okay, a while back an Uber programmer by the name of Stuart Conner wrote an Internet browser for the TI-99/4A.  Well, he's been constantly improving it.  Version 8 of the cartridge version will be released very soon.

Here is a quick sneak peek video I slapped together tonight to show a little bit of it off...



I hope you enjoyed it!

<<< My YouTube Page >>>

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I have a TI but very rarely ever use it.  It's not my favorite but I do play BurgerTime on it once in a while.  I just didn't like how the programmer(s) did the sounds in the game.  Every time you walked across a part of the burger the music would start over.  That did get annoying pretty quick.  Treasure Island and Parsec are fun games and I have been trying to locate a TI Invaders.  I don't know much of what games are good for the system.


Putting the TI on the internet sounds like a cool idea.  I've often wondered how an obsolete (for lack of a better word) computer would perform with modern internet connections...namely an Atari machine.  This is one product that I might have to see in action before purchasing.  Still cool to see, though.

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