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Solaris - Atari 2600

Atari 5200 Guy

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Atari 2600 
Difficulty: None
High Score: 151,340
February 11, 2016

Notes: Watch me attempt to save every planet! (What else would our unseen space hero do?) My favorite moment in the video is at 10:25. When I entered the quadrant, the planet was attacked, and a Cobra fleet was unexpectedly in my way. (The fleet wasn't usually there on my previous attempts.) Cobra fleets are the worst! I had intended to avoid it entirely (they apparently don't attack planets), but with no other option except to allow the planet to be destroyed (the minefield would take too long) I attacked the Cobra fleet. With time running out I managed to destroy all the enemy ships and travel to the planet and save it with a bit of time to spare! Well, I thought it was exciting, anyway.  😀 

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