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What's in the shopping district down the road?

It is a smaller one but has StarBucks (of course lol) various little shops, grocery, pharmacy, florist, variety store, etc. Had I gone the opposite direction there is Capri Center Mall which is kind of a very old Mall but supposedly proposals have gone through so that in the next coming years it is to be totally revitalized so that is good. Around that same area is a park I often cut through were there is a running stream with Ducks gathered any given time, a European Meat Market where you can get many other imported product (lots of Germans here) really pretty much anything I could need is within a 10-15 minute walk and I like walking. 

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Awesome idea! I actually really liked that video. I feel like we were just hanging out! That was really kind of cool, like an adventure. I'm not just kissing up to the Mod here but I really like that as a concept. It's like a form of vlogging or podcasting or live streaming directly into a forum post. Thank you for sharing this. I hope your physical therapy goes well and you feel better.

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