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Doctor Octagon

Atari Jaguar console review from Classic Game Room

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The Jaguar's controller pad is reminiscent of the A5200 joystick to me because of the keypad. I have AVP and Tempest 2000, and I agree. They are great games. I have about 20+ games for the Jaguar. Some homebrew, most from Atari and third-party developers. I like most of the games myself. Granted, there are some games that have room for improvement. But, games like T2K, AVP, Dragon's Lair, Myst, for example, I think look and play well. I loved AVP. A friend of mine once played the game and was astounded by the graphics and sound. She was blown away by it. I was, too. But, seriously, the Jaguar definitely does have the horsepower, but it is a beast to program. At least, that is what I have heard from other people. I would not mind trying to program on it, but it is a learning curve from what I understand. Well, with assembly code anyway. Sure there are apps like Raptor BASIC+, for example. I have that as well. It is a good piece of programming software. I would try to study it more, but I need to work on my time management before that is a feasibility. Great machine, it just needed more finesse. That's my opinion anyway. That is indicative of ANY game platform, though. Thanks for letting me share, folks.

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