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The History of The Retro Junk Box

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I know several of you have enjoyed doing Retro Junk Boxes here on the forums, but I thought I would do a little write up on the history of The Retro Junk Box


The First Retro Junk Box (2009)

The first box started with fans and members of The Nintendo Retrocast podcast.

The premise was simple: Fill a Large USPS Flat Rate Box with a bunch of retro items, mostly gaming related. Send it to a member on a list who takes out what they want, refills it with other retro goodness and sends it to the next person on the box goes full circle.






The Rebirth of The Retro Junk Box (2014)


By 2014, the Nintendo Retrocast was no more, yet some former members and fans of the show decided to fill the void by making some podcasts. This would lead to the creation of both The Cartoon Retrocast and The Retro League Podcast.  In 2014 they decided to combine forces to bring back The Retro Junk Box. They even had a website that tracked the progress on a large map of the US, with photos that would show up when you clicked on one of the destinations the received the box (sadly, the website is no more). The is the first box I ever participated in as a member of The Retro League Podcast forums. You can see my first video of what I took out of the box here (If you follow my show, you may notice some of the stuff I took out appeared in some of my other videos, including some future co-hosts):



Fun Fact: After I had the box in Sunny Florida, it took a looong trip to Alaska! There used to be 2 cool back to back pictures of the box: One under a palm tree in my front yard and the other on snow covered steps in Alaska.

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The Retro Junk Box invades The Retroist! (2014)

One of the participants of 2014 RJB was I See Robots, host of the Toys R Us Report podcast and contributor to The Retroist blog.

You can see his first entry about the box on the site here:



Shortly after this write up, I See decided it was time to make an official Retroist Retro Junk Box!



Fun Fact: My copy of Brain Games for my review as well as a TV Guide I reviewed and At-At Commander all came from I See Robots contributions to the Rebirth Retro Junk Box.

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The Retro Junkies Networks Retro Junk Box (2014-2015)

Late in 2014, I decided to bring the Junk Box to the Retro Junkies Network (A network of family friendly retro podcasts and YouTube shows).

This would be my first experience in hosting a Junk Box.


You can see how the box started here:

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The 2 Dudes & A NES Patreon RJB (2015)


The 2 Dudes decided to do a box for their Patreon Supporters in 2015, but I could not find any videos of it :(


The Atari.io Retro Junk Boxes (2015-Current)


As most of you know, in 2015 I started a Retro Junk Box for the site here. Please see the below threads for more pics and videos of each box.


Atari I/O RJB 1: http://forums.atari.io/index.php/topic/863-the-atariio-retro-junk-box/


Atari I/O RJB 2http://forums.atari.io/index.php/topic/1015-the-atariio-retro-junk-box-2/


Atari I/O RJB 3http://forums.atari.io/index.php/topic/1015-the-atariio-retro-junk-box-2/


Atari I/O RJB 4: Coming Soon!

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