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Atari I/O Retro Junk Box IV: A New Hope!

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Go ahead a start the post in the classic games thread and one of the mods will then move it here since only mods can start threads under this section.



It would be great to have you join, but you need to meet some minimum requirements.


However, if you keep on posting and/or do some trades, you will meet them in no time!


Thats all very reasonable. Hopefully my trades will pan out so I can join in time ;)

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I made the post over there http://forums.atari.io/index.php/topic/2009-atari-io-retro-junk-box-v-the-retro-strikes-back/


I used your write up Phil (I did say where it came from :) )


Now I have to get a shoehorn and see what I can get into this crazy box!

Edited by Willie!

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As soon as I am able to start a new topic on the forum (I am still to new around here:P) I will get a new topic for Retro Junk Box V - The Retro Strikes Back!



retro box 5 logo.JPG

So who's the Jedi in the picture? I definitely can tell you're the ewok lol

Edited by correagonzalez

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