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Atari I/O Retro Junk Box IV: A New Hope!


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Just a few friendly reminders for those on the list:

  • Feel free to add art and/or stickers to the outside of the box!
  • Please insure the box for $50, which is free with Priority Mail shipping, in case somethings happens during transit so there are funds to create and ship out a replacement.
  • Reuse the box as often as possible!
  • Only share pics/videos of what you took out of the box until it runs its full course
  • Enjoy!
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Everyone:  Junk Box 4 has arrived.  Shipped early due to NSG's move.  I'm going to hold off for a few extra days to see if #3 makes it back here in the meantime.  I hope no one minds the short delay.  If so, please let me know, and I will get #4 out the door.  Thanks.

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Well, I decided I just couldn't wait.  The Junk Box has been re-filled and will be sent out to the next lucky recipient on Monday.


Before I show you what I took out, I want to commend nosweargamer on a box-well-done.  This thing was really heavy and full to the brim with high quality junk.  I did my best to follow up with a super-full box of nice stuff.


I took a Marvel mug and a comic book for my son.  The mug is really nice, and even came in a box. 




Next, I took a couple of NES games, a 7800 poster/catalog, and a Jaguar game with a sexy bald lady on the sticker.  I do not own a Jaguar, but now I have an excuse to get one. 




Three boxed 2600 games!  WOW!  These are really cool.  I will proudly put these on my boxed game shelf.




And this final item was really unexpected and cool.  With you all as my witness, I will treat this as a library item.  Meaning once I'm done reading it, I'll put into whatever junk box is in circulation for someone else to enjoy.  So this is just a "borrow".




Thank you NSG, and I'll get this thing shipped right away.



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Here's to No Swear Gamer who got this all started. Cheers  :martini:


And to be honest I have to give credit to The Retro League Podcast (along with The Cartoon Retrocast) who got me involved with the whole concept.


The Retro Junk Box is delivered!! Here is what I took out! :)


Thanks for all the kind words RG! You may already know, but you can also use that touchpad controller with the Sesame Street kids controller games and the original keypad games. That's why I also put Brain Games in the box, since it could use that controller too.


Rocky Balboa is a solid movie which may be getting over looked nowadays being sandwiched between the original movies and Creed.


Those catalogs are always nice and that Genesis Game Genie can also be used to play some of the early release third party games that don't work on most genesis models and to play some Mega Drive games that won't fit in the US system.


Looks like a large majority of the items I put in the box have already been taken. By the time the box get's back to me, it might look completely different inside.

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