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Coleco Gemini


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I got a Gemini!  A few pictures for you:


It came with one Gemeni controller, an Atari-branded power adapter, and a set of "Gemini" labeled paddles.





The controller integrates a joystick and one paddle.



I had never known about these paddles.  Very similar to Atari paddles...the only difference seems to be the Gemini branding, and the missing flat part for the sticker.



It's very similar in size to a 2600jr.  Just a little taller.





Everything seems to work fine.  And the picture quality on this thing is razor sharp -- easily the best of any of my other 2600's.  The controller works very nicely, although the joystick is a little "squishy" for my taste.  It doesn't really work well with the Harmony cart...Harmony wants me to use the paddle to select a game, but in paddle mode, the button doesn't seem to work. 


This thing is awesome, and I'm so excited to have it. 





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Wow Rick that is a beauty! I have a Gemini but in no where near that condition! 


On the upside I have several of the combo controllers but I gotta get around to cleaning / testing and switching around parts to hopefully get a couple good ones out of them lol. 

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I picked up a gemini a few years back and was amazed at the rf outrput, I modded all my atari's, no need to on this baby.  Those paddle controllers are Gemini brand controllers, unrelated to the coleco gemini.  I got mine at kay bee toys (for use with the commodore 64)


Oh wow.  What a coincidence.  Thanks for the info about the paddles. 

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