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Overhauling game controllers


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Welcome to the forums @dragonwar69! If you're new here you probably didn't know we give away brand new 2600 Joysticks all the time. If you PM me with your mailing address we'll send you one. Doesn't really answer your question I guess but it does give you a nice new controller.  :compgame:

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I've got a handful of joysticks that I'd like to overhaul. Is it easier to fix the contacts or replace them with switches?


@dragonwar69 are these classic CX40 joysticks? It's probably easier to strip out and replace the dome switches. Pretty easy to do with a fresh roll of Scotch tape if you're able to get your hands on new contact domes. 4-pointed domes are stronger and last longer than the old 3-pointed ones. Microswitches are amazing but difficult. Best wishes!

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