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Jagbuntu: Linux for Jaguar Development…


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Hey, everybody!


If you are interested on coding on the Jag and If you've heard, there's a new home-brew group called JagCorner. They are in the process of making Jaguar games right now. Five, at least. Anyway, they have a special flavor of Kubuntu Linux called Jagbuntu. It has just about every program that you'd need to develop for the Atari Jaguar. Here's their URI:




Also, there is a flavor of Arch Linux on the Removers site called JagStation, but you need VirtualBox to run it. Anyway, those options are out there for anybody who wishes to tinker, like myself. But, if want to get your feet wet, here's their URI:




I hope that you find this intriguing, like I did. Thanks. :)

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