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Arcade USA - Episode 1 - Flippers!


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Located in Grandy NC, this arcade is very popular on the east coast due to all the various pinball machines it has.  There is even a Hercules pinball machine in this arcade! (uses a cue ball for a pinball, the machine is HUGE!).  They have some rare pinball games such as Big Bang Bar and others, the owner likes getting new machines on a regular basis and all are very well maintained.


They have pinball tournaments quite often, I have gone to one of them and plan to go back to record one soon. Their website address is http://www.flippersarcade.com, they are also on Facebook so if you check their site you can find out about upcoming tournaments.


Here is the very first episode of Arcade USA, it is a little rough as it was my first time doing a project such as this.  I am preparing to start visiting arcades again soon, but for know I will go through my back catalog to talk about the ones I have visited up to now :)



Did I mention, this episode is a little rough :) we all have to start somewhere I guess :)

My Youtube Channel Arcade USA! - https://www.youtube.com/user/SVT512

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