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Atari Inc. Business is Fun Book Review

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At about 800 pages long, with over 200 pages of Black & White Pictures, 2012's Atari Inc.: Business is Fun goes over the history of Atari from conception until the sale to Jack Tamiel in 1984. I did a video review of it, which you can see above, but here are some basic pros and cons about the book.



  • Lots of great pictures!
  • Covers a lot of the history of Atari beyond the games
  • Fast read for 800 pages



  • Pictures are all B & W (even on Kindle I believe) and some pictures could've used captions
  • Sometimes, but not often too technical for my tastes
  • Nolan Bushnell did not/would not take part in the book and is painted is a poor,but possibly true light. Feels a little incomplete without his side of the story. :Nolan_Bushnell:
  • Even though used mostly in quotes, I would've preferred if they cut down on the profanity and possibly widen the audience of the book.
  • There are typos. They didn't bother me, but some readers can be turned off by that.


Overall I enjoyed the book, especially the pictures and reading about the least talked about aspects of Atari. 

New copies go for $30, used can be $20 and up and the kindle copy is $12.99.



There has been discussion of an Atari Corp follow up (Business is War) and a updated version of Business is Fun, but lately I haven't heard much about either of these projects, so they may be in limbo at this moment.

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