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Dear Mr. Intellivision


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"Plays the same great games". Never mentioned it doesn't play Donkey Kong, Carnival, Mouse Trap, and Venture. :lol:

To be fair, many of the coleco ports for INTV were far from great games  :rofl:

"For you - Rowsdower from the 70 - have been appointed Omnivisioner of the Game Grid."  ~ Atari Adventure Square

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Row - your video above was the final question's answer in the 2014 "LIVE CHAT ATARI TRIVIA" that we all got wrong and had a 4 way tie!  :thumb: 



Brian Matherne - owner/curator of "The MOST comprehensive list of Atari VCS/2600 homebrews ever compiled." http://tiny.cc/Atari2600Homebrew

author of "The Atari 2600 Homebrew Companion" book series available on Amazon! www.amazon.com/author/brianmatherne

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