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Wanted: 2600/5200 loose carts

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Like this one?  Sorry about the rotated image.


Indeed -- I believe you mentioned this one to me in our PMs on AA.  I think I'd rather avoid a trade for JUST this, because the cost to ship it to me would be something like 10x what the game itself is worth (in my mind, anyway)!  That said, I'm *positive* you'll have something else I want soon enough, if not already.  We can build a trade -- we have the technology!

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I have the following.  If you need pictures I can give them too you when I find my camera (still moving in)


Football Text (both Atari and Sears Versions)

Missile Command Sears Text, missing end label.

Pac Man Sears, but not NM

Gravitar Red label

Secret Quest

Ikari Warriors CIB


Let me know if any of that interests you


I'm interested in seeing photos of Gravitar (Red), Secret Quest, and Ikari Warriors CIB.  Generally I try to avoid buying boxes, but when the price is right and I feel like it's a box I could sell/trade as a standalone, I'll at least consider it!


I have a few of these you want (indy 500, football, homerun)


Send me a photo or three?  And see what looks interesting to you from my trade list.  Hopefully we can work something out!

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@nosweargamer -- absolutely interested in trading for Secret Quest loose and Gravitar loose.  Ikari Warriors... maybe.  Depends on what you want for it, I suppose!  Have a look at my list and let me know if anything interests you.

 alright, I will and get back to you.

Would've done it sooner, but I have had a hard time getting onto the site lately.

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I'd be willing to do all three including the CIB Ikari for:

Fun With Numbers (text label, missing end label)
Kaboom (standard label)
Stellar Track (Sears pic label)
Those are the only games on your list I don't have (I made a dummy move and accidentally sold my kaboom thinking it was a double a few months back)  :mellow:
Let me know if that works for you.
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Yes -- same game.  Basic Math was one of the original nine gatefold-box releases -- i.e. "61  Basic Math".  I'm pretty sure the re-titling to Fun With Numbers occurred in 1980, about the same time as the title change for "Hunt and Score" (which became "A Game of Concentration").  They first appear in the Rev. D 1980 Atari catalog, I'm pretty sure.


Why were they renamed?  I can only assume the marketing department decided that including words like "Fun" and "A Game" in the titles might generate a few more sales.  "Fun With Numbers" in a toy store might fool a kid (or parent!) into think it's actually a fun title, whereas... a title like "Basic Math" is as bland (but accurate!) as can be.  :D

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My wanted list (first post in this thread) has been updated -- thanks to trades, finds in local shops, and a few eBay buys in the last week I've managed to cross off a fair amount missing from my collection... even a few scarce titles.


I've also updated my trade/sale list with a handful of new 2600 games, and a couple of 5200 games.  If there's something I have that you want for your collection, PM me or post here -- hopefully we can work something out!

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