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Atari 7800 Ikari Warriors Review…


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On Tuesday, March 8, 2016, I achieved my all-time personal high score of 114,800 points at Novice setting on the Atari 7800 ProSystem version of “Ikari Warriors.” I think that this is the best home version of the SNK arcade classic. It has four difficulty settings: Novice, Intermediate, Advance, and Expert. I have also included screenshots showing proof of this achievement showing my score. I also have included shots of how the game looks.


Here is the synopsis of the game. You (and your partner, if two players), crash your warplane in a jungle infested with all kinds of enemy military soldiers. They shoot at you, bombard you with grenades and mortars, send tanks and helicopters after you, and even send suicide bombers after you. You have to traverse jungles, rivers, lakes, and enemy fortifications. All the while, you have to pick up ammunition, grenades, and you can even steal tanks.


There are soldiers in blue and in orange. The orange-uniformed soldiers have power-ups that you can get after you kill them. They have ammo, grenades, flamethrowers, incendiary bombs, and even fuel for tanks (which adds to ammo if you do not have a tank anyway). I do not know if there is a definitive ending to this game, since I have never made it that far yet in the game to find out. I will keep you posted if there is.


Out of the versions for the 7800, 2600, and NES, like I said, I think that this is the truest to the arcade experience. The graphics are outstanding and so is the sound. It is very close the arcade version in layout, probably more so than Nintendo’s version. Nintendo made a lot of changes to their titles derived from arcade games, which I think spoils the fun of trying to mimic the arcades at home. That is my two cents anyway.


Anyway, that concludes the review for this game. I will be back for more in the future, since I have thirty years’ worth of collected games from six Atari platforms, including the 8-bit computer. I have enough material to keep myself busy writing reviews for a long time. Thank you for reading and I will return.



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