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Amiga A600 Vampire II Hardware Accelerator

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I wonder what how we'll be "doing Amiga" in the next 5 and 10 years? I see 4 possible methods:


1- Software emulation like WinUAE

2- Original hardware from back in the day

3- Internal FPGA plug in upgrade boards for original hardware (vampire series)

4- External stand-alone FPGA recreations of original hardware with potential for new modifications (MiST and successors)


1- Software emulation means not having to worry about acquiring and maintaining 35 year old hardware. And it potentially affords more versatility than original stuff. To say nothing of reliability. With emulation, anyone can get going for cheap or free.


2- Real hardware. Well, it's real hardware. The old & gold standard.


3 & 4 seem interesting in different ways. Is it it better to upgrade real hardware with new capabilities? And yet be limited by that real hardware? Or is it better to work entirely within FPGA fabric and build new ideas and concepts from the original hardware? New custom chips, modifications to architecture, new processor specs with mods, that sort of thing.


In any case I'm still surprised at how long it's taking for FPGA to catch on and go mainstream.

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