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Clint Thompson

I'm quite peeved - Indus GT

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So I bought an Indus GT out of impulse because I can't locate my old 1050. Found one on eBay for $90 boxed and complete. Sounds dreamy, right?




I was for sure certain I was in for a treat. I haven't owned an Indus GT in almost 16 years and even though I could get much more modern means of loading my XE with games, I'm a purist at heart. Here I was looking to spend the upcoming weekend playing Yoomp! and other great games with the daughter and girlfriend.


I was horrified to find out however that I bought a brick that isn't even original. To my disgust...






Seller is putting up a fight because they said its as-is, was tested to the best of their ability and sold it with the utmost confidence but is unwilling to accept it as a return. Am I wrong for opening a dispute case? I hate feelin taken for and this is a prime example. You don't buy a Corvette to find out it has a Prius engine. Or an authentic painting only to find out it has damage and is actually a fake. I don't know. eBay...

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Gotcha.  Open a case with Ebay.  They'll either refund your money or force the seller to accept it as a return.  I always say that Ebay is too biased towards the buyer, and as a seller myself, I hate that.  But in this case, use the system to your advantage.  And I wouldn't feel bad about it at all.  The only way I'd feel bad is if the seller explicitly stated "I have no idea how to test this and you are buying at your own risk". 

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