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FS or Trade: Intellivision Atari Nes PS2 games


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I dont have a price on these so if you're interested in buying or trading please contact me with an offer otherwise they might be going in the next junk box coming up thanks.

Also available not in pics:

Defender for Atari 8 bit cart only

Burgertime for Intellivision, white label

Mouse trap, word fun and space jockey

claimed by RickR

Backgammon claimed by Rowsdower



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I have no money, and nothing to trade... But that Rad Racer for NES looks awfully nice...


Ugh, I don't want to seem like a moocher or anything... Is there anyway we could work out a payment plan or something? What would you be willing to sell it for? I wouldn't be able to afford anything more than $10, and it also would most likely take some time for me to come up with the funds.

"I'd buy that for a dollar!" -Smash T.V.

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More games and Atari 7800 for sale or trade

Star raiders Atari400/800

Basic computing Atari400/800

Defender Atari 400/800

Burger time for intellivision

Atari XEGS console only no accessories

Issue: Start button on console does not work which is required to play 400 and 800 games,game turns on but cannot start game unless button is fixed, but XEGS games do work since you start games with the controller,and piece is broken off top cover but I originally bought it like that on eBay, please send me a message if interested.

Atari XEGS has been claimed by RickR



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