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My latest Ebay find. The wonderfully obscure, possibly cheesy, and totally awesome Nintendo e-Reader. A darn shame this thing never made a bigger impact. It's delightfully high-tech in a Nintendo kind of way.


Anyway, it comes with Clu Clu Land-e, Donkey Kong Jr.-e, Tennis-e, and Manhole-e.

All this for just $16.99.

never heard of those ...... gatta youtube it now :P

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I got some games I've really wanted for a while.

First: G.I. Joe on the NES (I remember really enjoying this when my friend rented it growing up.)




Next, He-Man, Shark, Shark and Thunder Castle, all CIB for the Inty (bought separately, some poor boxes helped me get good deals).



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You should get the plastic hangers...you know the ones where there are long triangular strips you slide onto the top and bottom of the poster, and then the top one has a string that's used for hanging. I'll take a picture when I get home if you need it.

They sell them at Walmart right?

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My latest Ebay purchase, all the way from Japan.


It's a Bandai Wonderswan Color, a version of the last handheld Gunpei Yokoi designed before his untimely death.

Sadly, Bandai never brought it to America, and a lot of its best games are Japanese only.

Still, more than a few have English language options, so I look forward to diving into this obscure bit of Japanese gaming.


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I'm really trying to snag a 2600 Popeye cart... kind of embarrassed when I went to play it to give feedback for Ferg's podcast and it wasn't on my shelf  :o


Does this seem reasonable or overpriced?




If someone has one on here available for sale or trade just let me know, thanks!

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