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Just got a Lynx, but...

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icon_thumbsup.gif  Just scored my first Lynx for cheap.  Lynx I with the OEM carrying case and about 10 games.  Super excited.

icon_thumbsdown.gif  When any game is inserted and the system is powered, the speaker pops, and the screen comes on, but blank (backlight only, I suppose).  No sound, no *insert game* message, nada.

icon_thumbsup.gif  I've looked through a lot of old AA (and other) posts to try to figure out what may be wrong, since it seems this is a common symptom.

icon_thumbsdown.gif  From what I'm reading, it seems like a voltage regulator and/or zener diode may have failed, and unregulated 9V could have fried some important things.  Could be something less serious (like voltage too low), but... prospects for a fix aren't fantastic.

icon_thumbsup.gif  I opened the Lynx up to see if anything looked out of the ordinary.  Couldn't see anything obvious.  Nothing looked cracked, burned, or otherwise amiss.  I have not yet removed the RF shield; I realize the answer could be underneath.


Can anyone recommend a plan of attack for testing/fixing?  I am not exactly handy with electronics and have never soldered anything in my life, but a friend who lives close by has enough experience for the both of us together, and presumably all of the material/equipment we'd need.  I suppose my questions are:

- Is there anywhere specific (other than underneath the RF shield) I should be looking for visible failure that I may have overlooked?

- If anything higher than 5V is measured on the +5V rail (i.e. multimeter/voltmeter reading at TP15, or somewhere else?) should we assume that it's a lost cause?

- Is there a field service guide or some other type of helpful flowchart/troubleshooting reference (other than the board schematics) to be found?  Google didn't seem to think so...


Thanks for any/all help!

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