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The Goonies. One of the lost NES games in North America.

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This year marks a milestone anniversary as Konami's The Goonies turned 30 a little over a month ago this past February. The Goonies was only originally released for the Famicom. But released in North America only on the arcade machine Vs. Goonies and The NES Playchoice 10 machines. It never had a scheduled NES release except for Goonies 2 which came out the following year in 1987 which is a platformer with RPG elements. This version was a platformer where you control the main character Mikey. He goes through six levels jumping and kicking his way through. Killing mice for bombs to blow safes up for keys, life potion, slingshots, his friends, and other treasures. You must collect three keys to pass a level and if you don't rescue one of your friends while completing the stage then you have to do the level over again in future progress. I find this to be a fun game with great replay value. A total shame it was only released in Japan but there are reproduction carts for it today especially you would think The Goonies is more popular in North America than Japan. I did a gameplay video of the entire game below this post. There are special items and hidden items for bonus points where you have to stand and input the correct code on the controller. Some of your items are.


Earphones - Collect these and the musical notes from one of the singing Fratelli Brothers won't harm you.


Flamesuit - This will prevent damage from the flame traps in later levels.


Raincoat - This will prevent damage from steam, dripping water, and waterfalls.


Helmet - This will prevent any falling projectiles to harm you.


Jumping Shoes - Only used in one section of the game which is in stage 3 where you leap over a large pit to warp to stage 5.


Armor - You will not take damage from bats, bones the skeletons throw, and bullets.

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I was just going to start a post about this game, but I did a search and found this one first  :)


This is a game I seem to keep gravitating back to. I don't seem to play or enjoy Goonies II as much as this version because I feel like the RPG elements in Goonies II unnecessarily complicate the game. I still haven't beaten the game yet, and I think that's another reason I keep coming back for more. I've never cracked open a walkthrough or anything, I just fire it up and play. Its a shame they never released this in the US, as I think its the superior of the two Goonies games.

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It's funny, my step-son actually just gave me Goonies II last night for Father's Day. It was a thoughtful gift...and still hard (which I still remember from renting it with unspent lunch money when I was a kid). I didn't even know there was a Goonies (not 2) game for the NES/Famicom.

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