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PM Magazine - Leeza Gibbons interviews Games By Apollo


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Of course we see the ever elusive "monogrammed" version of Spacechase done for Leeza Gibbons in this YT clip! Yes this was available back-in-the-day:





BTW, the 10 copies or so of the personalized edition that were actually sold, have the exact label as the regular edition. The only way to tell is to play the game!

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That video is awesome.  So many observations:

  • They programmed on Atari 800's with 810 disk drives!
  • Do they actually wear 3 piece suits all the time?  Or is that just for the TV interviews?
  • Leeza Gibbons had a much more pronounced accent.
  • Such a manual process in creating the carts!
  • No mention of Racquetball. 
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