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Theoretical situation....


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I think I would grab my Virtual Boy first.  It is my favorite.  Most of the Atari systems are pretty easily replaceable.  Virtual Boy's are not. 


Vectrex is a close 2nd, but my Vectrex isn't in the best shape.  Sorry Veccy. 

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For retro games, my NES. Lots of games that can keep me busy for hours.

Not that my 2600 doesn't keep me busy for hours too but not many games are built for long play sessions.


Now if it's ALL systems, I'll grab my 360. I have a backlog of games that should kill a few years.

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Oh fffffffuuuuuuuuuuu... you're going to make me choose between the Vectrex and the 2800.  You monster.


I use my Vectrex more often, and I think I'd name my firstborn "Vectrex" before I named them "2800", but... the 2800 is just too rare to allow a space vortex to have its way with it.


Hopefully the alien worlds on the other end of the vortex will enjoy vector graphics gaming as much as I do.  That's two Vectrexes (Vectreces?) into the void in this thread already!

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