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Updates: only boxed games left are Air-Sea Battle (gatefold), Asteroids, Basketball, Black Jack (gatefold), Combat, Grand Prix, Mega Force, Space Invaders, Starmaster.  Decided to keep GORF 5200 at least for now, since I don't otherwise have the manual and overlays.


RickR, the Space Invaders P&P is set aside for you.  Would you trade your set of fixed VCS paddles (minus the paddle games) for the Space Invaders P&P plus a set of paddles that needs a fix?  Essentially, the P&P for the your paddle fix labor.  Otherwise, I can certainly hang onto the P&P until something else comes up.

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Hunt & Score CIB -- somewhat uncommon.  Box has small amount of top and bottom flap wear but is otherwise in fantastic shape.  Manual has some water damage (wrinkling) and a very small torn front cover corner.  Cartridge is like new.  I'll send additional photos if you're interested.




Pitfall II is set aside for jmjustin6.  Submarine Commander is set aside for nosweargamer.  Reactor is set aside for MalakZero.  Everything else is available for trade/sale.  Asteroids (Sears pic label) is the only super rare one; all the others can be had for a reasonable offer.  I have some additional games not pictured -- if you're looking for anything in particular or if you have a want list, please share!

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I've added some relatively common games to my want list:

  • Air Raiders
  • Atlantis (pic label; day scene)
  • Carnival
  • Fire Fighter
  • International Soccer
  • Sky Skipper
  • Towering Inferno

Some uncommon games have also been added to my want list:

  • Frogger II: Threeedeep!
  • Laser Gates
  • Mr. Do!
  • No Escape!
  • Pooyan
  • Quick Step!
  • Skeet Shoot

My trade/sale list needs updating.



jmjustin6: I finally took photos of those boxed games (+ Pitfall II) you were interested in -- I'll put them online for you tonight and send you links/prices ASAP

Rowsdower70: your five INTV games are boxed up and will ship out tomorrow

StormSurge: let me know about those loose games (+ CIB Combat) on your want list when you get a chance

nosweargamer: I'm potentially interested in trading to get Robin Hood / Sir Lancelot back once you've reviewed the games -- zero pressure and no hurry whatsoever, though!

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Here's the latest.  This is almost everything I have available for sale/trade right now.



pic labels, a few slightly uncommon, some Sears titles



More pic labels.  Video Checkers is an Atari Corp label without controller text.



Activision games.  Man, the camera flash really accentuates the plaque!



M-Network games.



Silver label Atari.



Red label Atari



Somewhat harder-to-find Atari/Activision stuff.  Sorcerer's Apprentice and Frostbite have been claimed.



Parker Bros. games



Various publishers.  Mountain King and Fast Food are claimed.



Coleco, 20th Century Fox, and Steeplechase (Sears).



Hard-to-find Sears pic labels.  I'm not super inclined to trade these, but you can always make an offer...




A few spare manuals.  I've got some loose Atari manuals as well, but nothing too exciting.


My want list has grown, and now has some GBA and DS games added.  Check it out!

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I have the following Atari 5200 manuals available for trade or sale:


Berzerk                       Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom   Centipede

Choplifter                    Congo Bongo                   Countermeasure

Defender                      Dig Dug                       Frogger

Galaxian                      Joust                         Kangaroo

Missile Command               Pac-Man                       Pole Position

Popeye                        Q*Bert                        Qix

RealSports Tennis             Robotron: 2084                Space Invaders

Star Raiders                  Star Trek: Str. Ops. Sim.     Super Breakout 



Italicized manuals are $2, all others are $1.  Spend $5, get a $1 manual free!  Shipping anywhere in the USA is $2.




I am still looking to purchase or trade for the following Atari 5200 manuals I need:


Activision Decathlon          Astrochase                    Blueprint

Bounty Bob Strikes Back       Dreadnaught Factor            Frogger II: Threeedeep

Gorf                          Gyruss                        H.E.R.O.

K-Razy Shoot-Out              Keystone Kapers               Megamania

Meteorites                    Miner 2049er                  Montezuma's Revenge

Mr. Do!'s Castle              Pitfall II                    Quest for Quintana Roo

Star Wars: The Arcade Game    Super Cobra                   Wizard of Wor

Zaxxon                        Zenji


Please let me know if I have any that you need, or if you have any that I'm still looking for!

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