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Squad Challenge - Galaga (Atari 7800)


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Let me just say I'd happily add my name to the pre-order list for a new high score cart!  I'm pretty sure I saw something about it on the box for my 7800, and was disappointed at never seeing it on store shelves.  


Put up another score also:


nice score , I was trying to reach & surpass that one the final hours but didn't make it 


discovered pause button didn't seem to work.

I tried "point pressing" in early rounds by shooting top ship after array in formation for 1,600 

I was missing "perfect" to many times in bonus round ... (when I should have gotten it) 


what was killing me I think round 19, double kamikaze ships zigging & zagging & no way to avoid them ( poor collision detection at fault perhaps ? ) 


God bless you RickR!


I was getting really bummed with all these guys with scores in the 100,000's while I kept tapping out in the 30,000's.  Joining you at the bottom of the pack!  Glad I'm not alone down here. ;)


My best score of the night: 54280


That's almost 20,000 better than my second best game.  Lol







This underwhelming feat accomplished with an epyx controller and a stock 7800.


I felt same way about the Dig Dug squad .... score I thought were un-acheivable for me getting posted early I never did make them scores but MY GAME greatly improved ....


I think that is also a strategy in tournament Pinball to get inside opponents head early in the game with a high score on first ball


I was hoping for some badly needed nerd cred ... but will settle for "the Nerd-cred participation award"


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