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Box Art Poster?

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So the post about taping boxes & the imminent release of the Art of Atari book got me thinking.


Is there someone who is artistically inclined who can create an 18" x 24" poster showing 100+ boxes on it?


I ask because a Star Wars website last year made a poster showing all the original action figure card backs on it & it's incredible.


Here are the details on the SW poster:



I wish I had the ability to make something like this but hopefully there's someone out there who can.


Just thinking out loud!



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Is that poster licensed/sanctioned by Kenner Hasbro and/or LucasFilm?  Just wondering how they're able to sell this without getting C&D'd.


I could work up a poster, but getting someone to agree to print it might be difficult.  I think someone on AA recently tried to make t-shirts with Atari art and was shut down in short order.  And... Atari has been kinda obnoxious lately about (purported) infringement.

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I'm not sure about the licensing thing with Star Wars/Kenner/Hasbro. I see lots of different people selling vintage inspired shirts, stickers, etc. They've been going strong for awhile.


It could be that they have the license and we don't know it or that the license holder just isn't enforcing it because the seller is too small or that they aren't aware of it. Happens all the time.


BTW, the SW poster features the Kenner logo on the bottom and some fine print on the very bottom as well. I wouldn't be surprised if they did acquire the license, especially considering the price of the poster.


Atari could do a box art poster if they wanted, but it would just be of the games they still have the right too, so you wouldn't see games like Superman (DC), Pitfall (Activision) or Demon Attack (Imagic) unless they worked out a deal with each of the holder.


The closest we've seen is what is on the back of the Flashback boxes:



And the screenshot poster that came with the third Flashback


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